Tour and Program Information

As a community service to the city and the citizens, we provide verbal and/or Powerpoint programs for service clubs and various levels of educational groups on water treatment, wastewater treatment, composting, functions of Texarkana Water Utilities and Geographic Information Systems as well as group touring of the treatment processing facilities. Please contact us on scheduling a facility, date and time as follows:

Tour - Water Treatment Facility
- Wright Patman Treatment
- 2700 New Boston RD
- Phone (903) 798-3850 for scheduling.
- Approximate tour time is 30 minutes.
- Literature pamphlets provided

Tour - Wastewater Treatment Facility
- South Regional Wastewater Treatment
- 4000 South State Line Ave
- Phone (903) 798-3860 for scheduling.
- Approximate tour time is 90 minutes.
- Literature pamphlets provided

Speakers and Powerpoint Presentations
- Phone (903) 798 3821 for schedules
- Program times are adaptable