Water Production

Our Mission

Texarkana Water Utilities is a joint department of the Cities of Texarkana, Arkansas and Texarkana, Texas whose primary function is to provide water to both cities and the surrounding area. The production of a safe, potable, continuous supply of drinking water at adequate pressure to the communities we serve is our primary goal. The Utility produces drinking water from two surface reservoirs, Wright Patman in Bowie County, Texas and Millwood in Little River County, Arkansas. The Utility provides drinking water to all its customers and fire flow to the two Texarkanas.

Our Focus

Optimizing a water treatment facility requires continual change in water treatment procedures in order to meet and maintain a superior water rating by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, and to prepare for future U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulation changes. Only 8% of surface water utilities in Texas have a superior water rating, which we have maintained since 1959. This has been accomplished by competent, educated and well trained operators that are conscientious and trustworthy in their work. Our primary focus will continue to be the education and training of our water treatment operators.