Fleet Services

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The Fleet Service Center is located at 1000 Jefferson Ave. Texarkana Arkansas.

The Fleet Service Center is responsible for servicing and maintaining all Texarkana Water Utility, Texarkana, Arkansas Police, Texarkana, Arkansas Public Works, and a portion of Texarkana Fire Department vehicles, heavy equipment, trailers and all associated equipment needed for their divisions to service the citizens of Texarkana and surrounding areas safely and cost effectively. The Service Center coordinates vehicle purchases, new vehicle preparation, vehicle rebuilding and disposal of retired vehicles.

The Fleet Service Center is committed to the safe operation of city vehicles and equipment we maintain and service. The Service Center utilizes a fleet management system for the most cost effective and highest standards of fleet repair to minimize fleet downtime and the interruption of city services to our citizens. Ongoing continuous Fleet Technician training allows the team at the Service Center to understand the rapidly changing technology associated with vehicles and equipment today.

Our office hours are from Monday - Friday, 7:00A.M.-5:00P.M.