Environmental Services

Environmental Services is a division of Engineering and is responsible for implementation of the Industrial Pretreatment Program, Grease Waste Control Program, Transported Waste Control Program and the Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention Program.

Environmental Services administers the Pretreatment, Grease and Transported Waste Programs in Texarkana, Arkansas, in Texarkana, Texas, Nash and Wake Village, Texas, and in the Macedonia-Eylau Water District and the Backflow/Cross Connection Control Program in Texarkana, Arkansas and Texarkana, Texas and Miller County Public Water Authority (MCPWA).

The Environmental Services office is temporarily located at 801 Wood Street, Texarkana, Texas. The mailing address is Texarkana Water Utilities, Environmental Services Division, P.O. Box 2008, Texarkana, Texas 75504. Office Hours are Monday - Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. The office phone number is (903) 798-3870. For after-hours emergencies, call (903) 798-3850.