Design Engineering

The Engineering Department of the Texarkana Water Utilities provides engineering support services for all divisions of the Utility as well as its customers and the citizens of Texarkana.  The Engineering Department is staffed with engineering technicians, draftsmen, surveyors, inspectors, clerical staff and professional engineers much like a consulting engineering firm.  When technical support is requested from one of the three operations and maintenance divisions the Engineering Department provides surveying, drafting, research or engineering services as required.  The department's surveying crew utilizes some of the most modern equipment available while performing preliminary, route and construction surveys.  The survey crew has a total station survey instrument that incorporates electronic data measurement and electronic data collection.  The survey crew is also utilizing the global positioning system (GPS) in some surveys as well as utilizing the information available from the geographic information system (GIS).  The Utility's inspection staff provides construction inspection of Utility and developer projects, stakes water meters and assists in the location of water and sanitary sewer mains as needed.  The engineering office staff coordinates construction and inspection activities; designs extensions of service under the guidance of the design engineer; reviews plans submitted for construction by others; performs customer service by answering questions about service availability and taking meter orders; maintains the engineering files; maintains good communications with the public works departments of both cities; and maintains the Utility's construction specifications.