New Service

What do I need to set up service?
Texarkana Water Utilities requires every customer to provide a government issued photo ID, a completed service application and provide either a lease agreement if renting the service location or proof of purchase if buying the service location. Email the required information to and a Customer Service Specialist will email you back once your order has been processed.

Texarkana Residential Customers: $65 deposit or a letter of credit, with no late payments in the last twelve months, may be provided to waive the $65 deposit.

Texarkana Commercial Customers: Email or call Customer Service for deposit inquiry.

Leary Residential Customers: $100 deposit and a letter of credit is not accepted.

Miller County Water Public Authority Residential Customers: $250 deposit required and a letter of credit is not accepted.

Residential Application
Commercial Application
Environmental Form

How long does it take for service to begin? Same day service is offered if application is processed by 2:00pm. Applications for service are accepted in the office until 4pm.

What are your office hours? Our office hours are Monday-Friday Lobby: 8am-5pm, Drive Thru 7:30am-5pm.