Texarkana Water Utilities is a joint department of the Cities of Texarkana, Arkansas and Texarkana, Texas which provides water and sewer services to both cities and the surrounding area. The Utility also provides solid waste billing and computer networking and maintenance to both Cities. In addition, compost sales, green waste disposal, residential motor oil disposal and bacteriological water testing is offered to local citizens and nearby municipalities. The Utility performs functions of capital budgeting and planning, system operations, maintenance, engineering design, engineering planning, finance and administration independent of the two cities, yet in conjunction with city activities. The Administration Division is responsible for all departmental activities.


This program focuses on the following: to provide administration guidance to all departmental divisions and coordinate efforts to provide quality water and sewer service to Texarkana, Arkansas and Texas and surrounding area; to provide focus, planning and leadership to a program to improve existing Utility infrastructure; to lead the Utility in a program to improve the quality of customer service by upgrading the timeliness, courtesy and accuracy of the service; to continue to improve and expand the bi-city computer network and services; also to continue to improve inter-divisional and intercity communication and cooperation; and to accomplish this goal externally by providing all divisions with appropriate telephone etiquette, radio communication and customer relations training; also by providing the upgraded records and information to all customers as quickly, courteously, accurately, and equally as possible.