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Date:   ______________________

 To:      Texarkana Water Utilities

            801 Wood Street

            P.O. Box 2008

            Texarkana, Texas 75504

Pursuant to the foregoing Notice to Bidders and having examined the Specifications and the General Conditions and Information for Bidders, the undersigned bidder here-by proposes to furnish and deliver the Chemical(s) bid  for the twelve (12) month period, beginning October 1, 2019 until September 30, 2020, for the prices to-wit:       

ITEM I:                 Sodium Chlorite (per pound)                            Unit Designation:  __________________

ITEM II:                Sulphur Dioxide (per ton)                                  Unit Designation:  __________________ 

ITEM III:              Powder Activated Carbon (per ton)                 Unit Designation:  __________________ 

ITEM IV:              HTH (100# Containers)                                     Unit Designation:  __________________ 

ITEM V:               Caustic Soda (Bulk) Liquid Weight                 Unit Designation:  __________________ 

ITEM VI:              Liquid Chlorine (per pound)                             Unit Designation:  __________________ 

ITEM VII:            Aluminum Sulfate (per dry ton)                       Unit Designation:  __________________ 

ITEM VIII:           Ortho-Polyphosphate (per gallon)                    Unit Designation:  __________________ 

ITEM IX:              Anhydrous Ammonia (per pound)                   Unit Designation:  __________________ 

ITEM X:                WTP Liquid Polymer (per gallon)                    Unit Designation:  __________________


The undersigned agrees to execute a Contract within ten (10) days after receipt of the acceptance of this bid.


Respectfully submitted,






Title:  ____________________________


(Seal if Bidder is a Corporation)

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