General Conditions and Information for Bidders

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 I.                    GENERAL:  It is the intent of the Owner through the Specifications, General Conditions and Information for Bidders to allow interested parties to submit Bids on any item.

 II.                  EXCEPTIONS TO OR DEVIATIONS FROM SPECIFICATIONS:  Each bidder shall be required on the Proposal furnished by Texarkana Water Utilities to list any exceptions or deviations from the Specifications.  Failure to furnish this information as requested will be ample reason for disqualification of the Bid.

 III.               BIDDER RESPONSIBILITY:  It is the responsibility of each bidder to be fully aware of all conditions and provisions as set forth herein and to fully satisfy him/herself with all aspects of the proposed transactions prior to submitting his/her Proposal. 

IV.               BID GUARANTEE: 

a.                   Security in the required amount of 5% of the amount of Bid shall be submitted with the Proposal in the form of a Bid Bond or Cashier’s Check.  Failure to submit same will be cause for disqualification.

b.                   Bid Bond or Cashier’s Check submitted by the successful bidder shall be returned as soon as practicable following completion of their obligation.

c.                   Bid Bond or Cashier’s Check submitted by the unsuccessful bidder shall be returned as soon as practicable after Bids have been opened.



A Performance Bond shall be provided by the successful bidder. The Performance Bond shall cover expenses incurred by the Water Utilities should the supplier be unable to furnish the Chemicals as bid or if the Chemical fails to meet AWWA Standards.  The Performance Bond shall also be used to cover the difference in cost of product being purchased from next lowest bidder.  Performance Bond shall be provided in the amount to cover estimated usage.  In addition to providing chemical(s) that conform to specifications and AWWA standards, the supplier must also deliver the requested product(s) within the delivery timeframe specified by the plant requesting the delivery.  Failure in performance of supplier to either provide product(s) conforming to standards or adhere to required delivery schedule/timeframe can result in the performance bond usage to cover any difference in cost of purchasing product from next lowest bidder.  Performance Bond may also be used by the Owner to cover damages to equipment or facilities in the amount of $5,000 or the cost of the Chemicals, whichever is greater.  Nothing contained herein shall prevent the Owner from seeking remedy in a court of competent jurisdiction for damages incurred from improper or defective Chemicals from the supplier. Performance Bond or Cashier’s Check will be returned to the successful bidder when completed Performance Bond is received by Texarkana Water Utilities.


VI.       PREPARATION OF BIDS:  Bids shall be submitted on the forms provided by the Owner as no Bid will be considered on any other form.  Bidders shall fill in all the blanks provided on the forms.  In the event that the bidder elects to submit proposals on certain items and not to bid on all items, the words “NO BID” shall be inserted in the appropriate blanks.


VII.      DELIVERY:  All Chemicals shall be quoted for delivery, freight paid at the points of intended usage.  Deliveries must be within the timeframe specified by the plant placing the order to insure the utility has ample chemical(s) available for its essential treatment needs.


VIII.     FORMS:  Upon request, prospective bidders will be furnished with Notice to Bidders, Proposal forms, General Conditions and Information for Bidders and Specifications for the entire group of Chemicals.  The Proposal must be returned in a sealed envelope clearly marked on the outside with the Bidder’s name and the words “CHEMICAL BID”.


IX.       No minimum purchase of Chemicals is implied or guaranteed.  Process or water consumption changes may require purchased quantities to be greater or lesser than listed estimates.  All estimated quantities are based on previous year actual usage as well as any known changes in consumption.


X.        Texarkana Water Utilities is requesting bidders to offer a repurchase guarantee at the end of 1 year, 2 years and 3 years from date of original purchase, to be exercised at the option of Texarkana Water Utilities and the successful bidder by mutual consent.  Texarkana Water Utilities will give thirty (30) days written notice before repurchase is exercised.


XI.       WITHDRAWAL OF BIDS:  No Bid may be withdrawn within Ninety (90) days after Bid opening.  The Owner reserves the right to reject any and all Bids, waive formalities and to make award of Contract as may be deemed to be to the best interest of the Utility.


XII.       No change in price will be considered after Bids have been opened. 


XIII.     Quotes shall include the cost of the product, cost of freight, any fuel charges/surcharges or any other charges/surcharges. 




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