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            The Ammonia shall be premium grade, 99.999% Ammonia, not more than .001% residue, 1ppm water.  No Pyridine, Hydrogen Sulfide or Naphthalene.  Less than 10ppm dissolved non-condensable gas.  The supplier is required to provide Ammonia storage tanks during that period in accordance with the following specifications: 

            The Ammonia storage tanks will be furnished by the Ammonia supplier for use     by the Texarkana Water Utilities.  They shall have a capacity of 1,000 gallons water storage.  The tanks shall be rated at 250 psi and final hydrostatic tested at 400 psi and constructed in accordance with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Section VII. 

            DELIVERY:  Ammonia will be delivered in truck load lots.  All shipments shall be delivered to the location of intended use as specified by the Texarkana Water Utilities, within seven (7) calendar days from notification by owner.   The supplier shall furnish all equipment and labor necessary for unloading the Ammonia. 

            Tanks shall be equipped with all necessary appurtenances, including but not limited to a vaporizer, heating element and vaporizer controls, to feed gas at any temperature to a Wallace Tiernan Ammoniator.         

            Tanks shall be delivered and set up ready for continuous use at the Water Treatment Plant located at 2700 New Boston Road, Texarkana, Texas and the Millwood Treatment Plant located on County Road #741 in Ashdown, Arkansas. 

            The supplier shall furnish a representative on site for installation of the tanks.  Maintenance is the responsibility of the supplier.  The current supplier of Ammonia, if not the successful bidder, will be responsible for expenses and removal of existing tanks, after receiving written notice allowing thirty (30) days for removal of the tanks. 

Chemical company will be responsible for supplying on site safety training on awarded chemicals during the contracted period. Training will be scheduled through the plant manager of the supplied locations. 

            Down time to change out tanks shall not exceed one (1) hour. 

Estimated annual usage:         25,000 pounds 

Delivery location(s):               410      18,000 pounds

                                                Wright Patman Water Treatment Plant

                                                2700 New Boston Road, Texarkana, Texas 

                                                420      7,000 pounds

                                                Millwood Water Treatment Plant

                                                County Road #741, Ashdown, Arkansas

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