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LIQUID POLYMER -WTP/410,420                                                       

The liquid polymer should be 40% active DADMAC Polymer that will work with alum, the coagulant currently in use.  This is a Manufacturers only bid.  The supplier must prove to Texarkana Water Utilities that the polymer provided will meet or exceed the present polymer being used.  Jar tests of the product will be performed by the supplier to determine the most effective product to submit for bid as well as the operators at Wright Patman.  Bidder will certify that the product supplied is biodegradable and inert.    NSF certified for clarification of potable water at dosages up to 25mg/L.

Physical Form - Clear Straw Colored Liquid

Density - 8.7 - 9.1 lbs/gal

Freezing Point - 25 F. (-4 C.)

Solubility - Totally Water Soluble


Specific Gravity - 1.08- 1.09

% Active - 39.0 - 42.0

Product Viscosity - 1,000 - 3,000

Product pH - 5.0 - 7.0

 The polymer must have a shelf life of at least six (6) months.  The polymer will not pose hazards to employees working with the product.  The materials will not cause a corrosion problem to utility equipment.  Bids will be awarded to the lowest bidder whose product can successfully meet the requirements of the specifications. The successful bidder must have a skilled and knowledgeable technician who can be contacted by telephone where assistance may be obtained if problems arise.  If requested to do so by the customer, the successful bidder must provide a qualified person on site at least four (4) times during the year to recommend treatment adjustments for the most cost-effective use as conditions change.  The supplier will deliver the Polymer in 285-gallon totes with liftgate services to drop them at the plant. Recommended dosages shall be listed by supplier as well as price during bid process.             

Estimated Water Treated:            5.5 Billion Gallons

 Delivery location(s):                        410

                                                                Wright Patman Water Treatment Plant

                                                                2700 New Boston Road, Texarkana, Texas



                                                                Millwood Water Treatment Plant

LR 136 County Road #741, Ashdown, Arkansas

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