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(revised bid)

            This Ortho-polyphosphate combination shall meet the latest NSF/ANSI standards and all supplemental revisions thereof.

The sequestering agent will be delivered to the WTP in 330-gallon totes. ( Product will not degrade in freezing or high temperatures). Liftgate services will be required for all totes being delivered. The sequestering agent shall be suitable for drinking water applications.

The delivered sequestering agent shall meet the following chemical and physical requirements:

Property                                                                      Range

Appearance                                                                 Liquid  (Clear)                                                    

Activity                                                                       3.9 dry pounds / gallon

Poly/Ortho Ratio                                                        77% / 23%

SQ 547                                                                        3.5 - 3.7%

Freeze Point                                                                Less than 10° F (Less than 0° C)

Dosing Requirements

The sequestering agent supplier shall provide with Bid:

  • Guaranteed Active Dosing Rate in mg/L;
  • Price per Gallon of bid product;
  • Total amount of Liquid product needed per Year;
  • Provide a Published Specifications Sheet with Bid for Liquid product bid;
  • Include other applications and /or advantages of Liquid product bid, if any.

Chemical company will be responsible for supplying onsite safety training on awarded chemicals during the contracted period. Training will be scheduled through the plant Manager of the supplied locations.

Estimated Water Treated:       5.5 Billion Gallons

Delivery location(s):               410

                                                Wright Patman Water Treatment Plant

                                                2700 New Boston Road, Texarkana, Texas


                                                Millwood Water Treatment Plant

                                                LR 136 County Road #741, Ashdown, Arkansas

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