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             The Liquid Aluminum Sulfate shall meet the latest NSF/ANSI Standards for Aluminum Sulfate and all supplemental revisions thereof.  It is the intent of these specifications to provide the Utilities with twelve (12) dry tons (more or less) of Liquid Aluminum Sulfate per shipment.  Insoluble or precipitated materials will not be accepted.  If bidder’s product is unsatisfactory, but inadvertently placed in the facility system prior to rejection and subsequently caused physical damage or extra cleanup labor, the Utilities will: (1) be reimbursed in the amount of a full load of Liquid Alum or $5,000.00 whichever is greater and (2) a new supplier may be engaged.  Any equipment damages, down time, labor charges, fines or any other costs caused by defective material will be assumed by the supplier.  Certificate of analysis and weight are to be attached to every delivery ticket. 

            DELIVERY:  The Liquid Aluminum Sulfate will be ordered by tank truck loads.  All shipments shall be delivered to the locations of intended use as specified by the Texarkana Water Utilities, within five (5) calendar days from notification by owner.  The supplier will be required to furnish the labor and equipment necessary for unloading the Liquid Alum at the location site. 

Chemical company will be responsible for supplying onsite training on awarded chemicals during the contracted period. Training will be scheduled through the plant manager of the supplied locations. 

Estimated annual usage:         1,215 tons 

Delivery location(s):               410

                                                Wright Patman Water Treatment Plant

                                                2700 New Boston Road, Texarkana, Texas 


                                                Millwood Water Treatment Plant

                                                County Road #741, Ashdown, Arkansas

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