Sulphur Dioxide

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            The Sulfur Dioxide shall meet the latest American Waterworks Association Standard and all supplemental revisions thereof. 

            The Sulfur Dioxide will be used for de-chlorination.

             DELIVERY:   Each shipment shall consist of twelve (12) one (1) ton cylinders, and shall be delivered to the location of intended use as specified by the Texarkana Water Utilities, within seven (7) calendar days from notification by owner.  The supplier shall furnish all equipment and labor necessary for unloading of the cylinders at the location site.

            In the interest of safety, a recorder tag shall be attached to each cylinder.  Also, for safety in handling, all cylinders shall be marked with paper tabs indicating full/empty status.  Two lead washers shall be attached to each cylinder. 

Estimated annual usage:         60 tons 

Delivery location(s):               520

                                                Wagner Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

                                                825 South 6th Street, Nash, Texas                                               


                                                South Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant

                                                4000 South State Line, Texarkana, Texas 

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