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Texarkana Water Utilities is a joint department of the Cities of Texarkana, Arkansas and Texarkana, Texas whose primary function is to provide water and sewer services to both cities and the surrounding area. The production of a safe, potable, continuous supply of drinking water at adequate pressure to the communities we serve is our primary goal. The Utility produces drinking water from two surface reservoirs, Wright Patman in Bowie County , Texas and Millwood in Little River County, Arkansas. The Utility provides drinking water to all its customers and fire flow to the two Texarkanas.

Texarkana Water Utilities is also responsible for the pumping and reclamation of wastewater, and the ultimate disposal of the residual biosolids for the Cities of Texarkana, Arkansas and Texas in a manner that is efficient, environmentally safe, and meets all regulatory agency requirements. Greenwaste is accepted free of charge from the citizens of both Texarkanas which is composted with biosolids to produce a safe and valuable soil conditioner that meets all state quality standards for use on lawns, gardens and highway right of ways. In addition, the Utility maintains a federally mandated Industrial Pretreatment Program, under the Engineering/Environmental Services Division, which also monitors grease trap ordinance requirements, as outlined by regulatory agencies and oversees the state mandated backflow prevention programs.

Texarkana Water Utilities provides solid waste billing and computer networking and maintenance to both Cities. In addition, compost sales, green waste disposal, residential motor oil disposal and bacteriological water testing is offered to local citizens and nearby municipalities.